Faculty of Law agreed to cooperate with I - GLOCAL Corporation

On 31st March 2017, Room A.102, the head office of University of Economics and Law, Faculty of Law had a meeting to discuss on cooperation with I - Glocal Viet Nam Corporation. On behalf of Faculty of Law, Associate Le Vu Nam - Dean of Faculty of Law, Master of Law Luu Minh Sang - Lecturer of Faculty of Law. On behalf of I - Glocal Viet Nam, Mr. Tran Nguyen Trung - Vice Director of I - Glocal is the representative.

I - Glocal Corporation is a Japanese investment consultancy, operating in Viet Nam. The Corporation specializes in providing investment, accounting, taxation, labor, business management consulting services; providing economic and legal news in Vietnam; as well as organizing training workshops, training human resources of high quality. With a customer network of more than 600 enterprises, with 90% Japanese enterprises operating in Vietnam and 30% of listed companies, I - Glocal is constantly developing and affirming its position.

To serve the needs of development as well as to perform community responsibility, I - Glocal has raised the issue of cooperation with the Faculty of Law, University of Economics and Law. At the meeting, the two parties exchanged and discussed openly the strengths and needs of its.

After more than an hour of work, the two parties agreed on the contents of the cooperation in the future, including: (i) the training, supply of human resources; (ii) organizing field trip, internships; (iii) organizing soft skills training, professional skills for students through various methods; (iv) organizing academic exchanges, exchange of experts and other matters according to the factual needs of the parties.

The two parties agreed to go to the MOU signing ceremony in May 2017 as well as the first academic exchange within the framework of the Legal Talk program.

Within the framework of the meeting, Mr. Tran Nguyen Trung also sent his deep thanks to Faculty of Law for supporting the intern candidates at I - Glocal in the past. In addition, Mr. Trung has had positive feedback on the attitudes, skills and knowledge of students who are working in I-Glocal.

The Faculty of Law highly appreciates the cooperation of I - Glocal. At the same time, considering the potential for long-term cooperation, Faculty of Law and I - Glocal have agreed to establish each other's strategic partnership positions within the framework of initial and official cooperation agreements in the near future.


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