Seminar on careers guidance of legal professions 3rd in 2013

Seminar on careers guidance of legal professions 3rd in 2013


Approved by School managing board, Faculty of Law – University of Economics and Law held “Seminar on careers guidance of legal professions 3rd 2013” at the A meeting - hall on the morning of December 22, 2013. The seminar is an opportunity for law students to exchange directly and listen to the sharing of leading experts in the field of law about work experience, specific characteristics as well as qualities of the individual needed to match the requirements of the legal professions. Thereby, law students can identify their future jobs in order to develop the right plan, motivation and direction so that they can assume the work not only in accordance with ability, interests and qualities of the individual but also satisfying the needs of society after college. The seminar attracted the attention of nearly 500 law students. The guests of the seminar are prestigious experts and managers in the legal field, such as: Ms. Huynh Thuy Le Thuy – Deputy Director of the Southern Vietnam Ministry of Justice; Mr. Vo Van Them – Senior Prosecutor, Deputy Director of the Institute of Appeal 3, Supreme People’s Procuracy; Mr. Nguyen Cong Phu – Deputy Tribunal President of Economic Court, People’s Court in Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Tran Quoc Liem – Deputy Chief of Justice Academy in Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung – Chief of Ho Chi Minh Inspectorate; Mr. Nguyen Van Trang – Head of Integration’s Notary Office; Lawyer Le Net – Founding member of limited liability law company LNT & Partners; Lawyer Vinh An – Chief of Vinh An Law’s office.

Speaking at the opening session, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Vu Nam, Dean of the Faculty of Law emphasized the importance of vocational guidance in law training and considered the link between the school and the agencies, units in field of law in human resource training for law very necessary in order to implement the law training strategy of the Faculty of Law that has been identified “linking theory to practice”.

The seminar was very exciting and lasted until 12:30 PM on the same day. More than 30 questions were asked by students and were answered by experts. Most of the questions revolve around the issues of recruitment conditions, specific characteristics, qualities required, promotion opportunities, working environment, etc of law professions.

When the seminar ended, many students expressed their regret to say goodbye to guests. A third – year student of Financial – Banking Law shared: “I can determine a lot of things in careers guidance after participating the seminar. I have a dream for the future and the more foundation to affirm that my direction is correct”. Vu Le Hai Giang, who is a student of International Trade Law course K12, participated in the seminar and shared: “The seminar is very useful. It is an interesting morning. If I do not attend today, it will be a very regrettable in mine student life. Thanks to the seminar, I understood more about career opportunities from the sincere advice, valuable information shared by the guests”. When asked about the most impressive of any of the guests, Hai Giang commented: “The guests of the seminar are all prestigious experts, experienced, each guest has interesting and useful sharing. I was impressed with all the guests because they contributed greatly to the success of the seminar”.

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