Vision, Mission & Objective

Mission, Vision, Core Values And Education Philosophy Of The Faculty Of Law

v  Mission:

The Faculty of Law – University of Economics and Law has identified our mission as training high qualified legal human resources which will contribute to promoting social development in the country through basic research and applied research on legal science, by linking theory with practice in training methodology.

v  Vision:

The Faculty of Law – University of Economics and Law combines research and practice in training methodology.  By 2020, the Faculty will:

-          Meet international standards, become a prestigious law school in the ASEAN region, and produce legal professionals with competence and ability to work in the global environment.

-          Become a top-ranked Center of scientific research and policy – legal consultancy in Viet Nam.

v  Core values:

-          Quality and efficiency;

-          Dynamic and creative;

-          Integration and development;

-          Combination of theory and practice;

-          Connecting with the community.

v  Education philosophy:

Our Education philosophy is “linking theory with practice”. This philosophy is expressed by:

-      Construction of training programs: Our training program, which is designed to meet society’s requirements, is harmoniously combined the number of subjects, the hours of theory and practice. The program has been regularly reviewed and evaluated through collecting and analyzing surveys and feedbacks from lecturers, experts, students, State management agents, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and others.

-          Teaching activities: Our Faculty applies modern teaching methods such as visualization and case study. We also encourage students’ critical thinking ability through resolution of legal issues, holding Moot Courts, observing and surveying the activities in courts, procuracies, law firms, enterprises, State management agencies, etc. Also, our Faculty regularly invites top experts intervening in lectures, teaching, directing undergraduate thesis and Master thesis, etc.

-          Scientific research: The Faculty of Law focuses on developing legal basic research and applied research. Priority of research is given to topics arising from demands of life in order to resolve legal issue. Based on those researches, our Faculty will propose solutions for improvement of policies and law. We also encourage scientific researches from orders of companies and local agencies, which is considered as linking science with application.

-          Law practice: Our Faculty is identified by creative legal activities and represented by the training philosophy of “linking theory with practice”. Throughout our activities, audiences and beneficiaries of the law practice are significantly expanded. In parallel, we also encourage lecturers and students from others faculties to take part in our law practice activities.

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