Faculty of Law’s history of development

The Faculty of Law is the law school of University of Economics and Law (UEL) which is a university-member of Vietnam National University at Ho Chi Minh city (VNU-HCM). The Faculty was founded under The Decision no. 95/QD-UEL on July 2nd 2010 signed by Rector of UEL. The Faculty was formerly a department of law belonging to Faculty of Economics at VNU-HCM. This department has become Faculty of Law in responding to demands of socio-economic development which is result of industrialization, modernization and global integration in Vietnam. This development requires a great source of managers, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs who need to have not only economical and financal knowledge but also master of law. Those people are also required to be capable to deal with eventual international legal issues and flexibly apply the law to specific circumstances. In addition, skilled and professional lawyers and judges play a very important role in dealing with new kinds of commercial litigation, at both national level and international level. Therefore, it is in need an academic establishment with high quality and professionalism of education.

The Faculty’s education focuses on promoting theoretical and practical teaching. Our education program is flexibly and logically designed in order to help our students to improve their legal knowledge, professional competences, working attitude and also other necessary knowledge in economics, finance, banking, stock market, etc. in hoping that our graduates will best meet society’s diverse requirements.

To guarantee our education quality, the Faculty gathers high qualified legal experts in various fields of legal science into its teaching staff, in which many were trained abroad at well-known universities. Nowadays, the Faculty of Law provides two bachelor programs and one master program: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Law, Bachelor’s Degree in Finance-Banking Law, and Master’s Degree in Civil Law and Civil Procedure. With current development, the Faculty of Law is considering opening some new majors in the other fields of law in order to meet human resources’ demands in Ho Chi Minh City, in Central and Southeastern provinces, and in Mekong Delta provinces. We hope the Faculty’s development will contribute to UEL’s development and make it become a top-ranked university in Vietnam and a prestigious university in region and in the world.

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