JUSTICE BATTLE 2017 – A combination of Vietnamese Law and International legal practice environment “Moot Court”

The Competition of "Justice Battle 2016” took place successfully last year, which brought good reputation to Faculty of Law and our University, and it also claimed firmly the role of Clinical Legal Education (CLE – UEL) as the organizer as well.

For the purpose of inheriting and developing the foundation from the first competition, under instructions of the Director Board of Faculty of Law, we, CLE – UEL, are very honored to become the organizer continuing to hold the competition “Justice Battle 2017”. A new trait exposed in this year’s competition is the form of competing in model of Moot Court, as it is an opportunity for law students to practice and experience in the role of a trial attorney at a “mock” Court. Competing groups will play role of an attorney in civil matters, prepare all documents, files and legal bases to act as counsel in front of Judges’ Chamber (respected legal specialists actually) on certain legal issues in a “mock” case.

Competition Purposes:

  • Training skills of writing Memorial, presenting, arguing legal issues involving in details of civil matters for students majoring in Law
  • Training teamwork skill and responsibility among group members
  • Applying learned knowledge t1o solve details in certain civil matters
  • Experiencing as a trial attorney in international legal practice environment “Moot Court”

Competition Regulations:

  1. Attending applicants:

Full-time law-major students from University of Economics and Law (UEL – VNU HCMC) or from other law-training bases in HCMC

  1. Competition Format:
  2. Registration Round: Online Application (Oct 31 – Nov 10/2017)
  • Application link will be sent to students’ email and posted on  our Fanpage.
  • Deadline: 23h59 Nov 10/2017
  • After application process, a skill-promoting class of “Writing Memorial” will be held on Nov 12/2017
  1. Preliminary Round (Nov 13 – Dec 13/2017)
  • Applicants will be divided into groups of 03 members
  • Requirement will be sent to competing groups for writing Memorandum
  • Deadline for submission: 23h59 Dec 09/2017
  • Result announcement: Dec 13/2017
  1. Final Round (Dec 16/2017)

04 best groups from Preliminary Round will be drew into 02 pairs opposing in Final Round, competing in the model of  “Moot Court”.

  1. Prizes system:
  • First Prize: 3,000,000 VND
  • Second Prize: 2,000,000 VND
  • Third Prize: 1,500,000 VND
  • Encouraging Prize: 1,000,000 VND
  • Best Memorial: 500,000 VND

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