Mediation Skills In Dispute Resolution and Teaching Law Skills To The Community are two skills that CLE members received from Professor (Prof) Joanne Katz from Fulbright Scholar at room A.704, University of Economics and Law on November 9th and 10th, 2017. These are two important and necessary skills for the Law student.

In two training workshops, there were participation of Mr. Le Hoai Nam, Mrs. Le Thi Ngoc Yen and Ms. Ngo Minh Phuong Thao  – Lecturers of Faculty of Law, with the presence of former CLE members of K14. These attendances not only made the workshop seriously but also excitedly. And these were the opportunities for each CLE generation members exchanging ideas and learning new things from each other.

At the first workshop, Prof. Joanne Katz shared about “Mediation Skills In Dispute Resolution”. Professor addressed methods to resolve dispute including: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. In addition, Professor pointed out advantages and disadvantages of each method. She not only used traditional teaching method (teachers talk and students just listen) but also gave a chance for students to work as a team to self-experience. Through this activity, students could understand theory and know meaning which underlying of the activity is to practice listening skill. Listening or not listening will lead to different resolution methods. Prof. Joanne Katz gave a hint: To become a person who has good negotiation skill, you must become a good listener firstly. She has shown the valuation of “listening”.

At the second workshop, Prof. Joanne Katz continued exercising teamwork in order that students could approach the issue by answering the question: “How can you make everyone listen to your lesson about Law?”. She emphasized listening ability and interact with a class. Only when everybody listened, lesson reached to people. In order to prove this theory, Professor divided the class into teams and provided that each team had to find their own presentation to attract people to listen. This made a closeness between members, moreover, this made members think more comfortably and creatively. Although, it was said that it had been a class for study skills, but there was no pressure, everyone just came to learn how to work in group and speak English. “Teaching Law Skills to The Community” is the significantly fundamental skill when doing activities as CLE members, especially activities of Teaching Department. Listening and interact education are parts of this skill which make the lesson perfect. Therefore, it is the requirement of practicing listening ability and ability to create the environment for interactive education.           

Two workshops were active and exciting through teamwork exercises, case study of Professor which helped students have an overview about practical situation. These are two special gifts from Board of Directors of Law Faculty to CLE members.

Finally, CLE – UEL has sincere thanks to Prof Joanne Katz. In addition, we also want to express our deep appreciation to Board of Directors of Law Faculty for considering and making opportunities for CLE members practical, improve mediation skills in dispute resolution and teaching law skills to the community.

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