Student’s Faculty of Law attended International Conference Pro Bono of South East Asia/ Aisa Pacific Area III at National of University Singapore

Proceeding the succeed of International Conference Pro Bono II was held ạt University of Economics and Law in 2013, International Conference Pro Bono III was held at National of University Singapore và took place within three (3) days from 2nd to 4th October, 2014. This conference had purpose for motivating actvities of international cooperation, enhacing the training ethics and the responsibility occupation for teachers and students; at once,  enhancing the quality of servicing legal request for community disadvantages people of attorney.

This conference converged over 200 participants who came from 17 different coutries in the world. The representative of Vietnam has 11 participants who were students attended the CLE program of legal schools in Vietnam. Experienced the harsh selection, Dinh Trinh Thanh Tam, student of K12504T, a member of CLE – UEL was choosen to participant who was representative for University of Economics and Laws attended this conference.

Within the framework of program, the conference focussed on explaining problems, detailly as the method of motivating activity of Pro Bono in the community of attorney. On the other hand, participants also discussed deeply about essential problems to enhace the teaching and performing program of Pro Bono at universities, Vietnam among them.

Some images at Conference:

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